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Semen collection
Xcell Breeding Services
Xcell Breeding Services


Xcell offers the services of semen collection for domestic and export markets.  Our Breeding Centre is an MPI export approved facility.  Semen is collected and processed to the highest quality standards utilizing modern technology and equipment in semen collection, processing, cryopreservation and storage.

We offer the option of ‘On Farm’ collections as an alternative service, where our technicians will come to you.

Xcell Breeding Services


Xcell prides itself on our excellent domestic and international reputation for successful semen collection in stags. Our team of highly skilled technicians have developed our own technique of semen collection. Stag semen collection is a very delicate procedure, one that should always be handled by an experienced technician.

Xcell Breeding Services
Stag semen collection
Xcell Breeding Services
Xcell Breeding Services


Xcell has developed a method where we extract semen from the dead animal’s testicles after death. You will need to contact us immediately and have the testis delivered as soon as possible to our facility. 


Our team will provide information of the correct way to care and transport the testis.

Postmortem sperm recovery
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