Kakahu has employed Xcell Breeding Services over the past fifteen years as we believe they are the only service dedicated to the beef industry.

They have set up our Artificial Breeding programme for over 500 cows in recent years. Due to their up to date knowledge and advice, the herd conception rates have increased substantially in both round one and round two of the Al programme.

Since having Xcell semen test our sale bulls in both the Angus and Charolais, we have not had one client complaining of infertility in the first year. We are confident in referring any clients who have breeding questions or problems to the Xcell team.

Gerald Hargreaves


“We have worked with Xcell Breeding Services for over 25 year, taking semen off bulls and rams, fertility testing bulls, and running synchronised mating programmes. All work has been done without any problems, been throughly professional, and cost effective. We have really appreciated Xcell’s prompt, well organised service, their depth of knowledge and advice, all of which has definitely added value to our business.”

John and Liz McKerchar

Shrimpton’s Hill Herefords

Deer Genetics NZ ltd has been using Xcell breeding and veterinary services for close to 20 years. We were involved with Xcell in the very early stages of cervical AI in Red deer, there approach to new technology and new concepts has always exceeded our expectations. Xcell have been responsible for collecting, storing, dispatch and expediting our cervical germplasm throughout New Zealand and around the world, their network of contacts around the globe gives us here and when we need. Prompt professional service is what Xcell breeding and veterinary services deliver.

The management team at Xcell have always been approachable, regardless the issues and their generosity towards industry good sponsorship has been outstanding. Xcell have been the major sponsor for the Xcell Rising Stars National Hard antler and velvet competition since 2006.

Over the years Team Xcell have become more than business associates. Our relationship has developed into one of genuine friendship. Greg is the only professional wanker I know, and I still can’t believe he managed to get Kylie to marry him.

Kelly Bennett

Deer Genetics NZ

“We have used the Xcell breeding team to support our stud operation for 10 years and have enjoyed working with the team and would recommend them to other cattle breeders looking for a long term breeding partner.. We have used Xcell for a variety of services, fixed time AI programmes, semen collection, semen storage, importing semen, and semen sales. Working with Xcell has added value to our stud business due to the experience of the Xcell team. Greg and his team at Xcell are excellent to work with at a commercial and personal level and we look forward to his team visiting our farm.”

Ben & Yvonne Lee

Bluestone Hereford Stud

Greg McKay and his team at Xcell Breeding Services have been an integral part of the Stanfield Stud story since 1999. Semen collection and AI are a vital part of stud practices and in our case especially so, with our English Park franchises Warnham Park and Woburn Abbey. I believe Greg McKay to be the best technician in his field in the world, without peer, backed up by an outstanding team of colleagues including very superior deer vet services with Jim McPhee. Accordingly, Xcell does all our work and we get Greg to do our collection work in England exclusively and would consider no other.

Clive Jermy ONZM

Deer & Game Services

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