Synchronisation and Artificial
Insemination in Cattle

Artificial Insemination is a very efective tool available to improve productivity and profitability of your operation. Whether you are a stud breeder or a commercial breeder there are many benefits to be had. Here are just a few:
  • Access to superior genetics either domestically or worldwide
  • The ability to select and mate specific bulls to individual cows
  • Improved genetics for your heifer replacements
  • Improved genetics for your sale bulls
  • Improving specific EBV production traits
  • The ability to tighten up your calving spread, creating a more even consistent line up of calves
  • Improved weaning weights
Xcell has put together a very comprehensive package where we can provide the entire programme for you. Its a ‘one stop shop’ scenario, a very consistent, professional and efcient service. Starting from pre mating planning, mineral supplementation and advice, onto the synchronisation of your cows/heifers with the appropriate reproductive drugs, conducting and administering the reproductive drugs, artificial insemination, semen transfer to and from your farm, even providing you with the appropriate genetics either from our own semen catalogue or our network of sires we have available.

Synchronisation and Artificial Insemination in Sheep, Goats and Deer

Artificial Insemination is also a very effective tool available for sheep, goats and deer.

With options of laparoscopic or cervical insemination utilizing a speculum for sheep and goats.

Deer Artificial Insemination is now performed non surgically, which has made it more cost effective and efficient to perform.

Xcell provides a comprehensive service where we provide the entire programme.

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