Training school

Xcell offers a very professional and practical training school in animal reproduction to international clients, from semen collection and processing, artificial insemination, cervical or with a laparoscope, fertility testing and semen analysis, post mortem sperm recovery and embryo surgery. This covers all the major livestock species.

Xcell provides all relevant materials for the required training, this can be from 1 day through to individual requirements.

With successful applicants from, Brazil, Argentina, Vietnam, Australia, UK, China, Canada, Slovakia, USA.

Xcell are prepared to travel to your country to apply the same training techniques.

Contact us for further information on training.

International Experience

Xcell has gained vast experience in applying their reproductive skills Internationally. Their team is very practical when working in unfamiliar environments. From semen collection, Artificial Insemination and embryo transfer in sheep and deer. Some of the countries we have travelled to include the USA, Canada, Australia, England, Eastern Europe, China, South Korea, Vietnam, New Caledonia, Japan.

Contact Info

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