Fertility testing and Sire evaluation

Xcell’s semen evaluation and fertility testing is a practical method to eliminate sires with less than satisfactory breeding potential.

Semen collection and evaluation using electoejaculation is utilised worldwide for obtaining a semen sample, and is part of our procedure to demonstrate normal reproductive ability. Xcell Breeding and Veterinary services uses this safe and reliable method using highly skilled operators with modern equipment to assist the stud breeder in his desire to present quality animals for sale.

The evaluation consists of:

  1. Palpation and examination of the testicles, the testis should be firm, equal in size with no palpable abnormality and have scrotal diameter in keeping with industry standards
  2. The penis and sheath are examined for any apparent abnormality e.g. sores, lacerations, abscesses, hair rings, warts, corkscrew, penile frenulum, scar tissue, signs of damage. During stimulation the penis must extend from the sheath, straight in the midline of the bull.
  3. Microscopic evaluation of a semen sample for Motility (% of live sperm within the sample) and morphology (% of normal vs. abnormal sperm within the sample).

All the above information is considered and, where there is any departure from normal the Sire is either failed outright or re-evaluated at a later date.

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