About Us

Xcell Breeding Services is a reproductive technology company providing practical reproductive technology services to the livestock industry, specialising in cattle, sheep, deer, and goats. We pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive professional service for our clients. Our focus is to be, consistent, efficient and professional.

Xcell Breeding Services was established in 1996, we are a local privately owned business. Our base is a purpose built facility consisting of Bull, Ram and Buck export qualified housing. Our laboratory, semen and embryo storage and despatch is all onsite. We are located on 16 acres of land in Woodend just 20 minutes North of Christchurch.

What We Do

  • Semen collection both domestic and export, Bulls, Rams, Stags and Bucks
  • Synchronization AI programming Cattle, Sheep, Deer and Goats
  • Embryo transfer both domestic and export, Sheep, Deer, and Goats,
  • Fertility Testing and Evaluation, Bulls, Rams, Stags and Bucks
  • Storage and Despatch of all species semen and embryos
  • Veterinary Service
Contact Info

Xcell Breeding Services Ltd
South Island Breeding Centre
143 Rangiora Woodend Road,
Woodend 7610, New Zealand
Ph 03 312 2191
Fax 03 327 9088